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Ofil offers daytime corona and arcing inspection systems that are used by reliability engineers to prevent and manage equipment failure. Ofil's systems include: bi-spectral UV-Visible cameras and UV imagers classified as nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment.

Ofil is the market leader manufacturer whose systems are renown for having the highest sensitivity to UV discharge. Ofil's systems are being used globally. DayCor® corona cameras are used by electrical utilities for inspection of high & medium OH transmission lines, Distribution, Substations, Motors' workshops, High-Voltage Laboratories, Mines, Refineries, Heavy industry, Data centers and other, as handheld, airborne, vehicle mounted and standalone railroads.

Predictive & preventive proactive activities intend to prevent equipment failure. Facilities dedicate resources to these proactive maintenance and minimize thereby high repair cost and unexpected shutdown. Reliability management involves using reliable instruments that indicate and pinpoint faults and potential faults on time, precisely, and easily.


Why use corona cameras?

Corona discharge is associated with high voltage apparatuses such as electrical transmission lines, transformer insulators and bushings, high-voltage suppliers, switchgears, motors and the like.

Corona is often a sign of a defect, contamination, malfunction, bad design etc. of the electrical apparatus. Being able to pinpoint corona discharge and address potential equipment failure is important and can guarantee the reliable operation of the electrical apparatus.

Ofil's corona cameras can direct maintenance engineers to the exact location of the failure, and cut sharply both direct inspection costs and indirect costs of un needed washing, un needed replacements, unexpected shutdown, extending parts lifetime, deferring aging processes.

why Ofil?

Ofil's corona cameras are made with proprietary UV filters and high sensitivity sensors. All systems are strictly tested for solar blindness and have CE certificates.

Ofil offers a wide range of products, with proven performance, and affordable tailored and off-the- shelf solutions to match the specific needs of its customers.

Ofil is engaged with ongoing research & develpment activities and keeps its corona cameras updated technologically.

Ofil enriches its customers with supportive educational projects, and assists them master UV inspection methodology and predictive maintenance.

Ofil is attentive to its customers and listens to their versatile changing needs. Customers' support is provided locally through Ofil's worldwide network of representatives.

corona camera for uav

ROMpact for UAV

UV imager for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) adapted to aircraft size, shape and weight constraints. Tailor made to customers' specifications.

  • Bi-Spectral solar blind UV-Visible
  • Remotely operated
  • Detects corona sources
  • Captures stills and video clips
  • UV signal score
  • GIS data
  • Powerful image processor
  • For high speed inspection
Iso 9000

UVollé-VC - 2014 new model
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the numbers

According to the USA Department of Energy, California lost 6.8% of total amount of electricity used in the state throughout that year valued about $2.4B.

Those losses are attributed to 2 major sources: resistive loss and corona loss. Corona does not spark across lines, but rather carry current (hence the loss) in the air along the wire.

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corona studies

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